2106 Completed Projects

In 2016 two major projects were funded


The purchase of land and construction of a orphange for 30-40 children. The children use to live in a thatch room hut very small.  The now have a fully constructed home with proper sleeping quarters, living space and kitchen.

Pastors' Conference

The first large pastors conference for the training of the 80 pastors took place in November 2016. These pastor have little to no study resources and no formal training. Four pastors from the U.S. Funding covered the cost of hosting the conference for the 80 pastors including training materials, accommodations, food and travel of the 80 pastors.   The teaching pastors from the U.S. cover their own cost of travel.  They stay onsite of the conference at the Tenali church campus.

Original orphans home.

Purchased land for new home

Orphans home under construction

Orphans Home Complete

Pastor's Conference Photos

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