2017 Completed Projects

Elderly Home

The purchase of land and construction of a home for 40+ elderly men and women. Currently the elderly live at their pastor's home under a covered patio.  The land was purchased in the spring of 2017.  The construction was funded in September of 2017 and construction will begin in October of 2017.

Pastors' Conference

The 2016 pastors conference was a tremendous success. 80 pastors were present for the 3 day conference. In November 2017 two pastors from the U.S and one from India hosted the second annual pastor's conference training over 150 local pastors of Johnpaul and Isaac's ministry.  Funding includes the travel, accommodations and food for the 150 Indian pastors at the conference.  Pastors that are teaching and traveling from the U.S. cover their own expenses.

Johnpaul's Son Considering Full-Time Ministry

In June 2017 Johnpaul's son Joshua traveled with his Uncle Isaac to visit a couple U.S. Bible colleges and seminaries.  Joshua will be graduating high school in the spring of 2018 and continues to seek the Lord's direction.   Funding covered the travel expenses for Joshua and Isaac.   CTI is praying for a young native Indian man to be seminary trained and serve in the rural Tenali region of India.

Water Wells

In December 2017 water wells were dug and installed in two remote village churches.  These were tremendous blessings to the people of each village who were traveling 2+ miles to get clean water.


In December 2017 scooters were provided to two pastors who are pastoring multiple churches miles apart and needed more direct and dependable transportation.

Pastor Aaron is now pastoring three churches helping to minister to two of the churches who's pastors have passed away in 2017

2017 Pastor's conference, Pastor Bob Douglas from GBF and Pastor Dave Witt from  and Pastor Stephen Williams from Pune India led this years conference.

The elderly home exterior construction is nearly complete.  This picture was taken in late December 2017.  Construction is expected to be complete by February 2018.  All construction funding has been fully met.

The pictures above are from Joshua's trip to the U.S. in June 2017 where he met John MacArthur at Master's College & Seminary and was able to take in some of the California's unique natural beauty.

Wells at Pastor G. Isaac and Pastor Prasad's churches were drilled and installed.  The picture above is at Pastor Isaac's church

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