2018 Fundraising Goals

Monthly Support 

Food, utilities and clothing for 30 critical pastors, the two orphanages, widow's home and elderly home.


   Expected Cost $36,000 for the year

2000 Bibles

We are concerned that Bibles produced in India may soon be halted by the government.   Many church going families throughout the CTI churches do not have Bibles.   We need 1500 Bibles for the families and wish to stockpile 500 Bibles.

    Expected Cost $10,000

Water Wells

Four wells are expected to be drilled and installed in 2018

    Expected Cost $3,000

Emergency Medical

In 2018 we are starting a fund to provide pastors life threatening emergency medical care.  

    Expected Cost $5000

3rd Annual Pastors' Conference

November 5-7 2018 will be the next pastor's conference.  We are expecting 150 pastors from all over Tenali region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Conference costs include; food, transportation and accommodations for the attending Indian pastors.  Pastors traveling from the U.S. cover their own costs.

   Expected Cost $12,500

Tenali Orphanage and Widow's home

In 2018 we are starting to raise funds to re-build the Tenali orphanage, build a new widows home and some needed rooms for CTI all on the existing location of the Tenali church.

    Expected Cost TBD

Farmland to Farm Needed Crops

We have started to raise funds to purchase farmland that will be farmed by some of the widows and elderly to provide food to the widows home, orphanages, elderly home and pastors.  This is being done to help become self sustaining.  Johnpaul is working to secure a location.

    Expected Cost TBD

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