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Grace Bible Church India is located in the southeast part of the country in the town of Tenali.  Pastors Issac and Johnpaul are brothers following the footsteps of their father who founded this church in 1953.  

Pastor Isaac has been doing God's service for over 40 years.  He is the primary preaching pastor and shepherd for the members of the church located in Tenali.



Pastor Johnpaul brings resouces, training and pastoral care to over 80+ churches in rural villages around Guntur and Tenali.  Johnpaul also works with specific churches in their ministries of two orphanages, two widow's homes and care to the victims of HIV/AIDS and Leprosy.


The Indian population is 90% Hindu, 7% Muslim and 3% Christian. There are 300 languages and 3000 castes. This makes for difficult communications, but beyond communication are deep issues of persecution.  If one is discovered to be a Christian in southern rural India the only employment available is working the rice fields for a few dollars a day.  Christian children are made to sit on the floor at school not allowed to sit at a table or desk. Many merchants refuse to serve Chirstians.  Widows of all religions are looked down on and live a life of shame since they survive their husbands. Many widows can not support their children and give them up to whomever will care for them. Lepers and HIV/AIDS victims are societal outcasts rejected by all, not allowed to ride public transportation, nor allowed to shop in most markets.  Even most family members reject these who are deeply afflicted.


Unlike many countries there is no state support or welfare.  Widows, orphans, lepers, HIV/AIDS and Christians are all societal rejects left to fend for themsleves on the streets.   


Wherever Christ walked He met needs.  He healed the sick, made the crippled to walk and the blind to see.  He brought the gospel message to societies lowest.  Grace Bible Church India desires to bring Chirst's message of salvation and love to the least of these (Matthew 25:34-40).

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