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Church planting, evangelism and pastoral training is the core of what CTI supports.  Johnpaul and his team have planted over 100 churches with regular ongoing training of the pastors in those churches.  The orphanages, widow's homes and elderly homes are outgrowths of these local churches not western missionary influence.  Johnpaul and Isaac are men of God who need help with the ongoing training of these pastors.  If you are a pastor and wish to be apart of this training please contact CTI's U.S. office.  

God's word commands believers to care for widows and orphans.  Over the years we have constructed a widows home, and an orphanage.  We need to build more and we need to meet the ongoing monthly needs for "the least of these."  $600 feeds and clothes the women in the widow's home.  $650 covers the food, clothing and educational needs of the two orphanages. Please help by giving what you can to meet these needs


Pastors and their families face the persecution and one of the biggest issues is employment.  These churches are in one of the poorest areas of the world so giving from the parishiners does not meet the income needs of pastors and church ministry.  These pastors are willing to work outside the church but are rejected by most employers for their faith and the fact that they preach the gospel of Christ. $75/month provides the basic needs of food and clothes for a pastor and his family and meets small needs at his church

We have many direct expenses of travel, resource materials, Bibles, overhead expenses for the orphanages, widows and meeting the needs of those who are sick.


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