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How Grace Bible Church India Began


An evangelist named Lazurus visited my father's village when he was a young man. Neighbors of my father brought Brother Lazurus to my father who was sick at the time.  Brother Lazurus prayed for healing and presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked my father to confess his sins and accept our Lord as his personal Savior.  My father repented and gave his life to Christ. Soon after God healed my father's illness.  After recoving from his illness my father's parents threw him out of the house and he was not allowed to return since he became a Christian.  


My mother also joined my father and accepted Jesus as personal Savior. They were thrown out and lived under a tree for some time. They started spending much of their time in prayers. Day by day they were close to the Lord.


In 1953 God led my father to Tenali to plant a church and serve Him. My father gave up his railway job and became a full time servant of the Lord. My father and mother shared their salvation testimony with the neighbors. People slowly began coming to church.  Later my father help to plant 20 other churches and train pastors for those churches.  Today, my brother oversees the church my father planted in Tenali and I, Johnpaul oversee the evagelism and church planting ministry.


John Sundar and Emelyamma 

Isaac's and Johnpaul's Parents


Planted Grace Bible Church India in 1953