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India has 1.25 billion people and 50% have never heard the gospel of Jesus. 80% of India's population live in 600,000 rural villages, 500,000 of those villages have no evangelical churches or gospel preachers. This is the land of Grace Bible Church India andfthe harvest is ripe, John 4:35.  Our desire is to reach people for Jesus Christ by spreading His message of salvation, and demonstrating grace, mercy, and care to the widows, orphans and the needy,  James 1:26, 2:14-17.


INDIA-Ripe for Harvest

We have a two part focus; first is pastoral  training and care, followed by meeting the needs of orphans, widows and those afflicted with disease/illness.

Currently, we we have over 120 churches in small rural villages, two orphanages, a widow homes and a elderly home all filled with brothers and sisters in Christ.  

A small amount of money goes a long way.  Please consider helping us support the needs of Pastors, Widows, the Elderly and Orphans.

Evangelistic Team


Johnpaul - India Executive Director

Isaac - India Church Training Director

Dr. Cliff McManis - Theological Director

Bob Douglas - U.S. Executive Director

India Leadership Team

   Pastor Shadrack

   Pastor B. Moshe

   Pastor Anand Raj

   Pastor Y. Moshe

   Pastor P. Aaron

   Pastor Simon


All CTI pastor continue evangelistic efforts in areas surrounding their churches.  The pastors listed below extend their evangelistic effort into new unchurched villages throughout the Tenali region.

Evangelistic Tam

    Pastor G. Isaac

    Pastor V. Prasad

    Pastor M. Babu Rao

    Pastor D. Chennaiah

    Pastor P. Yacobu

    Pastor D. John


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